RAINBOW DREAMS is a musically driven, feature length, animated film project, book on DVD and is also conducive to episodic television.  An original story with original characters and a complete soundtrack means tremendous merchandising potential.  This project most resembles Disney’s version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland

The story follows Zachary Alan, a young disabled boy, who drifts off to sleep and enters a dreamland of adventure.  He and the other characters represent children of all ages throughout the world who face challenges of their own.  Zachy comes to life in this dream as an action adventurer, and is swept away in his tiny boat from his fishing village by a huge storm:  *He safely lands on an island and meets Ashley, Teddie and Manny.  ** They team up, repair Manny’s crashed plane and are propelled through a time and dimension warp into a vividly colorful world  ***They encounter many diverse characters like Paprika, a fairy God Vegetable, Harrigan the Penguin, Rock the ferocious black panther, the under water Recyclers to Mr. Harris who is the wisest of all pelicans. Plus many more.

Throughout this adventure the characters make choices about environmental protection, tolerance in multi-cultural societies,embracing the disabled, cherishing love of family and understanding the bad in good people and vice versa.  Songs help reinforce and sustain these values and lessons. Characters are positive value archetypes! Young and old will be grateful to sleep with their own Rainbow Dreams.


Red highlights words for reading along. Helps to associate voice with character.
Red highlights words for reading along. Helps to associate voice with character.